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The long-term Evolution project was begun in May 2021, with a strategic aim to produce an ecosystem that provides rewards to holders in several ‘Parent’ coins, as well as a swap capability to exchange between each of our Evolution reward tokens; or any other crypto currency for that matter.

Our first token in the project, CardanoEvo, delivered the first rewards in Cardano, our Merchandise Store, and our first Dashboard app. More importantly, CardanoEvo established a community of Developers, Moderators & Investors with an enthusiasm to see the entire project grow and fulfil it’s potential. As the first token in our project, CardanoEvo will retain its importance, delivering rewards, maintaining the buyback governance for the eco-system and continuing as a required hold for our EvoNFT market.

Now that CardanoEvo has been successfully launched, the time has come to introduce the hub of the eco-system:

The Evolution Token.

Utility: Evo is required to perform actions on the NFT Marketplace, on Evoswap and on the NFT Lending platform.

Evolution: an Eco-system of tokens where each one plays a fundamental role in it.

EvoSwap: trade, stake and provide liquidity. Swapping has never been this easy.

Evoboost: the most unique function you have ever seen. Volume is incentivised thanks to it. Keep track of your Boosts through your personal dashboard.

Contract Features

Address: 0xf2761e6f56fc3fba0f519e441720f80c087dba13

As with every token in our eco-system, there are taxation on buys and sells – the Tokenomics. These taxes are used to pay for the following features:


A unique function to the Evolution Token in order to incentivise volume. Monitored through investors’ personal dashboard, 7% of each transaction will be delivered to individual buyers per the EvoBoost function.


Every transaction will feed the Evolution Liquidity Pool, in a 50/50 split between BnB and Evolution tokens to provide price stability.

Variable BuyBack

Every sell transaction will be used for a variable buyback system, allowing for any token in our eco-system (initially CardanoEvo) to enjoy increased liquidity.


Every transaction will provide funding into the marketing wallet to pay for appropriate advertising; researched and vetted to ensure a respectable return on investment.


Every transaction will provide 4% reflections to existing holders creating passive income.


Every sell transaction will provide funds for development and research purposes.

EvoSwap trading made easysecurepublic

An all in one solution: Buy, sell, provide liquidity and stake

Go to EvoSwap

Try our swap.

Beta app.


NFT Marketplace built on Binance Smart Chain

NFTs made easy

Mint, buy, bid for your favourite NFT
Cheaper thanks to the Binance Smart Chain
Become a creator and earn BNBs

EvoNFT is the NFT marketplace built on the Binance Smart Chain, highly focused on user experience and ease of use.
Create, Buy, Sell and partecipate into auctions thanks to EvoNFT.

Coming Soon

Say welcome to Evoboost: a unique function designed by our developers and it is one of a kind. You can get your purchase Boosted anytime you buy the Evo Token. Keep track of your Boosts through the dApp on EvoSwap.
We have divided the 7% Evoboost fee into 5 different pools, so:

EvoBoost Lvl. 1

Every 7th buy transaction, 3% of each of the previous 6 transactions will go to the initiator of the 7th successful transaction.

EvoBoost Lvl. 2

Every 47th buy transaction, 1% of each of the previous 46 transactions will go to the initiator of the 47th successful transaction.

EvoBoost Lvl. 3

Every 127th buy transaction, 1% of each of the previous 126 transactions will go to the initiator of the 127th successful transaction.

EvoBoost Lvl. 4

Every 547th buy transaction, 1% of each of the previous 546 transactions will go to the initiator of the 547th successful transaction.

EvoBoost Lvl. 5

Every 1027th buy transaction, 1% of each of the previous 1026 transactions will go to the initiator of the 1027th successful transaction.

Chances to hit the Boost: 17.5% which means a transaction boosted every 5th successful buy transaction on the average.



Phase One
Token design
Project Leadership Team Confirmed
Social Media accounts created
Website design launch
Draft Whitepaper created
Telegram Message main created
Influencer negotiations started
Phase Two
Contract testing complete
Presale preparations
Poocoin Ads
Whitepaper release
Awareness marketing campaign
Minor listings (Coinhunt – Gemfinder etc)
Daily AMAs
Presale Live
Evoboost tracking through dApp
Coingecko Application submission
Coinmarketcap Application submission
Phase Three
Tech Audit
Blockfolio Application
BSC Application
Press Releases throughout News outlets
Dashboard update
Staking Pools
Phase Four
CertiK audit
Release of NFT Platform
NFT Auctions
Artists collaborations
NFT Lending platform
More updates coming..


Token Distribution

  • % Presale
  • % CEX Listings
  • % Staking
  • % Marketing
  • % Liquidity
  • % Development

Tokenomics Tax

Dashboard Whitepaper

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